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Make Better Decisions

These 5 Things Will Make You Smarter

hn von Neumann could multiply two eight-digit numbers together in his head – when he was six-years old. At 22 he was helping to develop what would become quantum mechanics. His off-the-charts mathematical ability made the Manhattan Project a success. He all but invented game theory. (Ever hear the term “zero-sum”? He coined the phrase.) And building on work by Alan Turing and Kurt Godel he laid the groundwork for the computer you’re using. Students could barely keep up with…

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Be Happier

The Lazy Way To An Awesome Life

e old maxim says that with others you should just “be yourself.” But is that really true? In researching my new book, Plays Well With Others, I went down the rabbit hole to see whether it’s accurate -- and also what we can do to be our best selves. (Never be ashamed of who you are... that's your parents' job.) In the excerpt below we’re going to learn a dead simple way to become more of the person you want to…

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Be A Great Negotiator

How To Be Resilient: 4 Steps To Happiness When Life Gets Hard

The pandemic still isn’t over. Life still isn’t back to normal. And that means a lot of us are still on edge. Frustrated. Disgruntled. At times, we’re downright angry. And that saps our resilience. Our ability to cope and live a good life. Dealing with anger is difficult because, frankly, we…

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Be More Productive

This Is How To Quit Bad Habits Without Willpower: 4 Secrets From Neuroscience

Why do we do the things we do? Aristotle said everything we do was in service of happiness. We weigh the options and pick the thing that is likely to make us happiest… Boy, was Aristotle wrong. Your brain just does not work like that. How many times a day do…

12 minutes
Be A Great Communicator

New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Secrets That Will Make You Emotionally Intelligent

None of them had died thus far. The raptors and trolls of the jungles of Zul’Gurub were simply no match for the group. And now the 20 elite Warlocks and Hunters descended into the dungeon. But their greatest enemy was ready for them… Hakkar the Soulflayer, a winged serpent, stood over…

14 minutes
Be A Great Communicator

New Neuroscience Reveals 5 Secrets That Will Make You Emotionally Intelligent

How are you feeling? These days it seems like there are only two answers: "Fine" and "Busy." After all, if you did say everything that's on your mind, you'd get strange looks from that barista for the rest of your life. And it's no better at work, where the room for legitimate…

12 minutes
Live The Good Life

This Is How To Be Resilient: 4 Secrets To Grit When Life Gets Hard

"I quit" is rarely said flatly. Whether it's said to yourself or others, it's usually "I QUIT!" or "Ugh. I quit..." (cue *sad trombone*). And that's because quitting is rarely done at the height of rational deliberation. It's usually based on feelings in the moment. You feel fear, anger, anxiety, impatience or…

11 minutes
Be Happier

How To Overcome Perfectionism: 4 Secrets From Research

e all know someone who needs everything to be "just right." Someone who spends way too long on even simple tasks – often driving themselves and others crazy in the process. Whether it's with work, with chores or in relationships, many of us have an area of life where we're…

13 minutes

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