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This Is The Most Fun Way To Make Your Life Awesome

en you’re young, you gossip about the couples that are having sex. When you’re older, you gossip about the ones that aren’t. Keeping love alive isn’t easy. And when I was researching my new book Plays Well With Others, well, I learned a lot of very harsh truths about the current state of marriage. While I had no desire to write a “Romantic Necronomicon” that would drive readers mad (or just make them mad at me) I do cover a…

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Be More Productive

This Is The #1 Ritual You Need To Do Every Day

Living a good life means managing your time. Problem is, we don’t understand time at all. Go ahead, explain time to me; I’ll wait. (Eric hums to himself and drums fingers on the tabletop.) Don’t blame yourself. To be fair, the nature of time has been a matter of some debate…

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Have An Awesome Marriage

This Is The Simple Way To An Awesome Marriage: 4 Secrets Backed By Research

Maybe you should fight with your spouse more. I can imagine the reactions to that sentence: "Oh, we got more than enough of that already. All stocked up here, thanks!" Well, I'm joking... Kinda. Truth is, research shows fighting can be a good thing. From Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: ...we found that…

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Have An Awesome Marriage

How To Make Your Relationship Amazing: 6 Secrets From The Top Marriage Researcher

Everybody asks how you got together. Nobody asks how you stayed together. You get all kinds of relationship advice but it's usually worth as much as the fortune cookie paper it's printed on. Romance novels, self-help gurus and your aunt Margaret who still quotes "When Harry Met Sally." Nobody has a…

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Have An Awesome Marriage

How To Make Your Marriage Awesome: 6 Secrets From A Top Divorce Lawyer

ctually, I lied. This is not a "how-to." Good god, there are so many "how-to" posts about relationships, it's exhausting. (I'm tired of them and I'm responsible for plenty of them myself.) So let's mix it up, shall we? This is a "how-not-to." How not to make the mistakes that destroy relationships, marriages,…

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Be A Great Communicator

How To Solve Relationship Problems: 5 Secrets From Research

very relationship has problems. And they lead to arguments -- which often don't go anywhere and just make things worse. One solution is couples therapy. It's a very good solution, especially if you want to solve things by getting divorced. From The Science of Trust: Emotional Attunement for Couples: In fact,…

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Have An Awesome Marriage

How To Have A Happy Marriage: 7 Powerful Secrets From Research

verybody wants to have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, on average, marriages get less happy with time. You know this must be true because I have a chart:Actually, it’s worse than that because you have a lousy memory and your brain plays tricks on you. However happy you think your marriage…

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Be A Great Communicator

This Is How To Easily Make Your Relationships Awesome: 4 Secrets

elationships are important. Like, more-important-than-Vitamin-C important. Scurvy is no fun but a lack of relationships might kill you faster. From The Relationship Cure: A study of people living in Alameda County, California, for example, showed that people who had close friendships and marriages lived longer than those who didn’t. This…

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