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Via Mind Performance Hacks: Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain:

Increasing glucose and oxygen supplies to the brain seems to allow information to be more accurately and fully committed to memory – in other words, you learn better…

The improvement in oxygen levels on memory [1] typically lasts for a few minutes only (five is about the limit), so you need to time your learning to happen shortly after an increase in oxygen, or ensure that you maintain a slightly increased level for the duration of the learning period… light exercise or even deliberately increasing breathing rate by a small amount will increase blood oxygen levels. For example, going for a walk while listening to something you want to remember on a walkman or mp3 player while should do the trick…

…extra glucose is linked to an increase in memory and learning ability [2]. Again, timing is crucial but not so much effort is needed to constantly maintain glucose levels. A well-timed sugary drink, thirty minutes to an hour before you have to remember or take notice of something particularly well should improve how well you remember it.

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