Is it really beer that causes “beer goggles”?


It’s not just the beer…

A total of 87 patrons in an Australian pub rated the attractiveness of opposite-sex and same-sex participants at three times over the course of a night in a repeated measures design. As the night progressed, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as measured with a breathalyzer increased, as did ratings of opposite-sex attractiveness. Same-sex attractiveness did not change. The increase in opposite-sex attractiveness ratings was only partially due to BAC. Because participants with partners showed the same closing time effect as single participants, reactance theory, the usual explanation for the closing time effect, is not an adequate explanation. Mere exposure and a scarcity effect are better explanations.

Source: “They do get prettier at closing time: A repeated measures study of the closing-time effect and alcohol.” from “Social Influence”

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