10 ways mobile phones have changed our lives:



  • We’ve become so addicted to our phones that two-thirds of users report hearing “phantom ringing“.
  • By stripping away the emotional information in faces and intonation, text messaging might be simulating autism.

…By analyzing changes in movement and communication patterns, researchers could also detect flu symptoms before the students themselves realized they were getting sick…

“We have always thought of individuals as being unpredictable,” said Johan Bollen, an expert in complex networks at Indiana University. “These regularities [in behavior] allow systems to learn much more about us as individuals than we would care for.”

…After analyzing more than 16 million records of call date, time and position, the researchers determined that, taken together, people’s movements appeared to follow a mathematical pattern. The scientists said that, with enough information about past movements, they could forecast someone’s future whereabouts with 93.6% accuracy.

The pattern held true whether people stayed close to home or traveled widely, and wasn’t affected by the phone user’s age or gender.

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