What makes you appear smarter and more sociable?


Over at the judg.me blog they posted the results of some number crunching based on snap judgment reactions to photos.

The results are a fascinating collection of the stereotypes we hold about appearance and personality traits/qualities.

Here are some quick highlights:

  • The average woman is seen as smarter and more sociable than the average guy.
  • Redheads are seen as dumber than blondes. Women with dyed hair or short hair are seen as extroverted. Bald men are perceived as intelligent.
  • Beards = sociable, mustaches = introverted, and stubble wins in both the smart and social categories.
  • People who are overweight are judged to be less smart and sociable than those who are average size. This effect is far more pronounced for women than men.
  • Outdoor photos make you look sociable. Showing more skin makes you seem outgoing. Smiling makes you appear more sociable and smart. More people in the photo makes you appear more outgoing.
  • Sunglasses make you appear outgoing — and dumb.

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