This Quality Makes A Man Smarter, Faster, And A Better Lover


Symmetry. (The more the left side of a man’s body matches the right side, the more symmetrical he is. Take a close look at your face in the mirror and you’ll notice that the two sides are not perfect twins.) Symmetry is a sign of good genes and one of the cornerstones of physical beauty.

Via In Your Face: The New Science of Human Attraction:

Men with symmetrical bodies apparently have a higher IQ, they run faster, dance better, sing better,  are less depressed, smell sexier, sound nicer, and produce more and faster-swimming sperm than their asymmetrical counterparts. As if that’s not enough, women with symmetrical partners apparently experience more orgasms than women with asymmetrical partners. Symmetrical men, it seems, really are better-quality mates.

And these results have been shown over and over and over again.

Sadly, this isn’t something you can do much about because symmetry is primarily a reflection of genetics. (If it makes you feel better, symmetrical people are also more likely to be selfish jerks.)

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