Here’s Why Short Women Are More Sexually Satisfied


The distance between clitoris and vagina predicts which women will orgasm during intercourse. A shorter span is better. This distance is often greater in taller women.

Via Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex:

The vaginal-clitoral distances, he said, turned out to perfectly predict which women would have orgasms in intercourse and which wouldn’t.

How much distance? They have a catchy explanatory phrase:

“If the distance is less than the width of your thumb, you are likely to come.”

Unfortunately for taller women this distance usually scales with height:

Bonaparte also discovered a correlation between a woman’s height and how close together her vulval features are. Shorter women tend to have shorter spans. Wallen says the relationship is less reliable among taller women, owing to certain vagaries of puberty, but a general trend seems to exist.

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