How much does a woman’s breast size matter to men?



Researchers artificially increased a woman’s bust size over the course of an evening and tracked how many men asked her to dance:

  • A cup: 13 men
  • B cup: 19 men
  • C cup: 44 men

Via Richard Wiseman’s excellent book 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute:

The woman (who, according to the experimental report, was selected because she had an A-cup bust size and had been rated by male students as having average physical attractiveness) was asked to sit in a nightclub for an hour and look longingly at the dance floor. Meanwhile, a hidden researcher carefully counted the number of men who asked her to dance. Over the course of twelve weeks, the experimenters used latex inserts to vary the woman’s bust size between a B and a C cup. The effect was as dramatic as it was predictable. Without the help of the latex inserts she was approached by men 13 times over the course of a night. When she moved up to an artificial B cup, this frequency rose to 19 times, while the fake C cup resulted in a staggering 44 approaches.

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