Can you tell a conservative from a liberal by looking at their bedrooms?


Conservatives’ bedroom had the markers of conscientiousness. Liberals’ bedrooms displayed openness.

Examples that would make Sherlock Holmes proud are below.

Via Sam Gosling’s book Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You.

But our findings linking openness and conscientiousness to political attitudes told us we might also find differences in their living spaces. Sure enough, conservatives’ rooms tended to include more organizational items, including calendars and postage stamps. They also contained more conventional decorations and items, including sports paraphernalia, flags of various types, American flags in particular, and alcohol bottles and containers. In general, conservative bedrooms had the hall-marks of the high conscientiousness, low openness personality profile—they were neater, cleaner, fresher, better organized, and better lit.

The bedrooms of liberals reflected the residue associated with high openness. They contained a significantly greater number and variety of books—on travel, ethnic issues, feminism, and music, as well as a greater number and variety of music CDs, including world music, folk music, classic and modern rock, and “oldies.” Liberal bedrooms also contained a greater number of art supplies, stationery, movie tickets, international maps, and cultural memorabilia.

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