How can you maintain self-control during emotional highs and lows?


We can lose control and overindulge when we think a good mood is fleeting or a bad mood will not go away.

By focusing on why good feelings will last or why bad feelings will pass we can prevent poor decisions.

Via The Times of India:

“The recipe is simple. If you are feeling happy, focus on reasons why those feelings will last, and if you are feeling unhappy, focus on reasons why those feelings will pass,” write Aparna A. Labroo of the University of Chicago and Anirban Mukhopadhyay of the University of Michigan, the authors of the report published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

According to the report, indulgence is often a result of people trying to improve their mood.

Its authors say that people tend to indulge themselves when they believe their happy feelings might pass unless they do something to prolong the good feeling.

Others feel miserable and believe they’ll be stuck with the blues unless they do something to improve their mood, they add.

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