Can your imagination improve your next job interview?


People who speant time visualizing the interview going well performed better in the real interview:

In this study, interviewees in the training group were instructed to use mental imagery techniques in a simulated employment interview. Results indicated that the subjects who used mental imagery had higher performance in the interview and lower perceived stress than the subjects who did not use mental imagery. Mental imagery did not have a significant effect upon perceptions of self-efficacy. Mental imagery ability had a positive effect on perceived usefulness of mental imagery while controllability and vividness did not. Subjects did indicate positive perceptions of the mental imagery intervention and a willingness to use mental imagery again in the future. The personality variable, “conscientiousness”, had a significant effect in the mental imagery performance relationship.

Source: Mike Knudstrup, Sharon L. Segrest, Amy E. Hurley, (2003) “The use of mental imagery in the simulated employment interview situation”, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 18 Iss: 6, pp.573 – 591

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