What makes the weekend more or less fun?


Some quick bullet points below.

Via Miller-McCune:

Based on data that was collected by Gallup in a random telephone poll of 530,000 people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds, they find that:

• Married couples get the biggest weekend boost, so long as their families are “well-functioning.”

• “Blue Monday” is a myth. People report roughly equal amounts of happiness, enjoyment, laughter, worry, sadness, and anger on Mondays as on every other workday.

• Full-time workers get twice the weekend boost as the rest of the population.

• Americans spend 1.7 hours more with family and friends on weekends, for a total 7.1 hours of socializing per day, on average, compared to 5.4 hours on weekdays.

• People who work for a supervisor who acts more like a boss and less like a friend get twice the boost on weekends as people who work for a boss who does act more like a friend.

• Weekends make much less difference for people who work in open and trusting environments. They simply exchange one set of friends for another on weekends.

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