A Simple Trick To Help You Worry Less


Pick a specific time to do your worrying every day.


For those concerned with shedding some of their anxieties, it seems planning a certain time every day to worry may help stop the stress-out cycle.

When people with adjustment disorders, burnout or severe work problems used techniques to confine their worrying a single, scheduled 30- minute period each day, they were better able to cope with their problems, a new study by researchers in the Netherlands finds.


First, patients must identify and realize when they are worrying. Second, they must set aside a time and place to think about these worries. Third, when they catch themselves worrying, they must postpone worrying, and instead focus on the task at hand. Finally, patients are told to use the time they’ve set aside for worrying to try and solve the problems their worries present.

In the Dutch study, even patients who only performed the first step  did better than those who only received the treatments for their anxiety disorders (though they did not do as well as those who completed all four steps of the therapy), the study showed.

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