Which countries are the most promiscuous?


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Country Score      
1. Finland 50.5
2. New Zealand 47.69
3. Slovenia 46.26
4. Lithuania 46.1
5. Austria 45.73
6. Latvia 43.93
7. Croatia 42.98
8. Israel 40.95
9. Bolivia 40.9
10. Argentina 40.74

Source: Schmitt, David (2005) ”Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A 48-nation study of sex, culture and strategies of human mating”  Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28, 247-311.

United States is #22, by the way.

Hat tip: Marina Adshade. She adds:

Using GDP per capita, I ranked the 48 countries in the survey by income per capital and found that the average promiscuity measure for the ten poorest countries was 32 while the average measure for the top 10 was 39. While there are notable exceptions of rich countries with low promiscuity (Belgium) and poor countries with high promiscuity (Bolivia), it appears that the richer countries are more promiscuous on average than poorer countries.

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