What’s a quick and easy way to be more creative without changing your behavior?


Time and again the researchers discovered that the addition of the potted plant enhanced people’s creativity… An eight-month study of creativity in the workplace conducted by Robert Ulrich at Texas A&M University showed that adding flowers and plants to an office resulted in a 15 percent increase in ideas from male employees and more flexible solutions to problems from their female counterparts. In another study, researchers discovered that children engage in significantly more creative play when they are in courtyards containing greenery versus comparatively barren outdoor spaces.

Just having greenery in the neighborhood had positive effects on people’s lives:

The parts of the development that contained greenery were associated with 48 percent fewer property crimes and 52 percent fewer violent crimes than those that contained nothing but concrete. The researchers speculated that the greenery may have put people in a good mood and therefore made them less likely to commit crimes.

Still can’t be bothered to get a plant? How about a green pen?

…those who were exposed to the green ink solved about 30 percent more anagrams than those who saw the red ink. The evidence suggests that for creativity you are better off going green.

This is from the excellent book 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute. I highly recommend it.

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