Are we more inclined to forgive mates that are better looking than us?



Mate value discrepancy (MVD), the perceived difference in resource value between self and partner in romantic relationships, may impact both forgiveness and jealousy. One hundred seventy-nine participants rated their own and their partner’s mate value, and self-reported forgiveness and jealousy. MVD was associated with forgiveness in romantic relationships in that the higher the value of one’s mate in relation to self, the more likely an individual would forgive that partner’s transgression. Similarly, MVD played a role with jealousy in that the higher the value of the partner, the more likely an individual experienced jealousy. Additionally, individuals were more likely to forgive transgressions when their partners had higher mate values than theirs, even when jealousy is experienced.

Source: “Mate Value Discrepancy as Predictor of Forgiveness and Jealousy in Romantic Relationships” from Communication Quarterly, Volume 55, Issue 2, 2007, Pages 207 – 223

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