Do political wins make you crave pornography?


The current study examined whether or not individuals who vicariously win a competition seek out pornography relatively more often than individuals who vicariously lose a competition. By examining a portion of Google keyword searches during the 2004, 2006 and 2008 US election cycles, the relative popularity of online pornography keywords searches was computed for each state and the District of Columbia the week before and the week after each election. Consistent with the Challenge Hypothesis, following all three election cycles, individuals located in states voting for the winning political party tended to search for pornography keywords relatively more often than individuals residing in states voting for the losing political party.

Source: “Changes in pornography-seeking behaviors following political elections: an examination of the challenge hypothesis” from Evolution and Human Behavior

Here is a great book that covers sex and the illegal economy. Great non-porn movie about sex is here.

Here’s a fascinating book that delves into the darker side of both life and sexuality. Not for the prudish or easily offended.

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