A Woman’s Level Of Sexual Satisfaction Can Predict Her Mental And Physical Health


Structural equation modelling was used to assess the strengths of the links between sexual satisfaction and self-reported (a) relationship well-being, (b) mental health, and (c) physical health for women in same-sex (i.e., homosexual, n = 114) versus mixed-sex (i.e., heterosexual, n = 208) relationships. Participants came from a large-scale Internet study. Sexual satisfaction was found to be an extremely strong predictor of relational well-being, a strong predictor of mental health, and a weak to moderately strong predictor of physical health. A two-group comparison model indicated that the strength of these links was the same, regardless of whether the women were in a sexual relationship with a man or with another woman.

Source: “Women’s Sexual Satisfaction as a Predictor of Well-Being in Same-Sex Versus Mixed-Sex Relationships” from Journal of Sex Research, Volume 47, Issue 1 January 2010 , pages 1 – 11

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