What’s the reason most people want to leave their jobs?


A whopping 48 percent of those who want to change jobs are mainly motivated by a loss of trust in their employers, according to Deloitte’s fourth annual “Ethics & Workplace Survey.”

“With lack of trust and transparency factoring into the employment decision of roughly half of the respondents who plan to job hunt in the coming months, business leaders must be mindful of the importance of both on talent management and retention strategies, as well as the bottom line impact,” said Sharon Allen, chairman of the board at Deloitte.

Forty-six percent also said a lack of transparent communication from their organization’s leadership was the reason why they were not happy at work.


And the same paper informs us that once the economy recovers employers may be in for a shock:

One-third of American workers claim they will look for a new job once the economy gets better, according to a survey released today.

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