Do women trust women or men more? Do men trust men or women more?


We experimentally examine whether partner’s gender information influences trust and trustworthiness behavior. We conduct an experiment where subjects make their choices, first with a completely unknown partner and then a partner of known gender (or vice versa). We find limited influence for gender information on trust behavior. Conversely, the results show a strong gender interaction with regard to trustworthiness both at the aggregate and individual levels. The proportion returned is significantly larger when the trustor and the trustee are of the same gender, bringing into light a gender pairing bias in trustworthiness.

Source: “Gender pairing bias in trustworthiness” from Journal of Socio-Economics, Volume 38, Issue 5, October 2009, Pages 779-789

Good book on the subject of gender differences is What Women Want–What Men Want: Why the Sexes Still See Love and Commitment So Differently.

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