Are anti-Semites more or less accurate at telling if someone is Jewish?


Biased people are less accurate:

Early literature found that holding more anti-Semitic attitudes positively predicted ability to discern whether a photograph was of a Jewish or non-Jewish person. This contradicts the well established finding that interpersonal sensitivity is generally associated with healthy psychological characteristics. In five new, previously unpublished studies we found that this relation was negative, such that more prejudiced individuals were now less accurate than less prejudiced individuals at a similar task, consistent with the general finding. A meta-analysis of all the studies showed that time was a significant moderator of the relation. Possible reasons for the temporal change are discussed.

Source: “Anti-Semitism and Identification of Jewish Group Membership from Photographs” from Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

As if anti-Semitism wasn’t stupid enough, anti-Semites probably aren’t even hating who they want to be hating.

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