How to quickly and easily improve your life:



Here’s a collection of all my posts that tell you “how to” improve something in your life — generally in a quick and easy fashion. (None of us seem too keen on difficult things that take a long time.) They’re almost all based on science, not just some random guy on the internet’s opinion. Enjoy:

How to pick a marriage partner

How to make yourself more lucky

How to get a job

How to resist temptation

How to make yourself happier in just a few seconds

How to easily be more credible when complaining

How to improve learning while you sleep

How to make good experiences even more pleasurable (and bad ones even worse)

How to avoid becoming senile

How to improve your naps

How to use the “Good Cop, Bad Cop Technique”

How to increase your tips as a server

How to pick optimal starting prices for negotiations and auctions

How to live to be 100+ (Video)

How to spot a concealed handgun

How to quickly and easily improve performance in most any area

How to trick yourself into eating less food and spending less money

How to make very accurate predictions for how long things will take to accomplish

How to learn

How to save a lot of money on entertainment

How to tell if somebody is lying

Another way to improve your ability to detect lies

How to persuade people (Video)

How to persuade older adults

How to convince ambivalent people

How to threaten someone

How to find a place to live where you’ll be happy

How to gauge if someone is in love with you

How to best use caffeine — from a neuroscientist

How to improve your willpower

How to easily improve your memory

How to improve the effectiveness of your diet

How to guarantee your luggage won’t be lost or stolen next time you fly

How to easily increase the money you get from eBay auctions

How to easily improve your ability to write a self-evaluation

How to think

How to resist chocolate

How to ease physical pain

How to ease psychological pain

How to use game theory to buy a car

How to manage your day

How to improve your speed-dating success (for the ladies)

How to easily increase your persistence in just one second

The secret to getting a job

How to stress out less and reduce worrying

How to quickly and easily fight depression

How to deal with a narcissist

How confident should you be?

How much of a bonus should employers give?

Is group studying more effective?

Can thinking quickly make you happy?

How to quickly and easily become a better person

Does getting it wrong help you get it right?

How to quickly and easily reduce heartache

How being selfless can be the best way to be selfish:

An easy way to lower your cholesterol that’s a lot of fun

How to quickly and easily make people like you more

How to add meaning to your life

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