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What does your body’s appearance tell others about you sexually?:


Research conducted by evolutionary psychologists and biologists shows that subtle individual differences in body morphology can be related to surprising and important differences in human behavior and reproductive success. The authors summarize recent work on these effects as they relate to fluctuating asymmetry, facial attractiveness, finger digit morphology, sexually dimorphic differences in body configuration, and head circumference. Examples include the discovery that women who have sex with bilaterally symmetrical men report more orgasms; men with attractive faces have higher quality sperm; the length of the index finger in relation to the ring finger is related to verbal fluency, spatial ability, and the risk of autism; women with an hourglass figure have more regular menstrual cycles and are more fertile; and the sound of a person’s voice predicts his or her sexual behavior. 

Source: Morphology and behavior: Phrenology revisited. from Review of General Psychology – by Gallup Jr., Gordon G.; Frederick, Michael J.; Pipitone, R. Nathan

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