Things you didn’t know about happiness:


How to make yourself happier in just a few seconds

Does giving really make us happier than receiving?

Are women getting unhappier?

Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce and happiness (Video)

Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert discusses the science of happiness

United States Gross National Happiness, measured via Facebook Status Updates

Is happiness contagious?

Happiness expert Martin Seligman on positive psychology (Video)

Are the chronically ill happier if they give up hope?

Can working on something frustrating make us happier?

Are hourly employees happier than salaried?

Are angry women more like men?

How much extra money do you have to make to be as happy working for someone else as you would be as your own boss?

Where are the happiest (and least happy) places on Earth?

How to find a place to live where you’ll be happy

Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?

What you should look for in a marriage partner

Does the relationship work better when a depressed person marries a happy person?

How to be happier, simplified

The Science of Success

Do negative emotions improve sports watching?

Can crazy people hear happy voices?

How important is physical attractiveness to a happy marriage?

Can being too supportive of your spouse end your relationship?

Why UFC fighters should not take antidepressants

Scary dreams? The solution might just be video games

Can depression be a good thing?

Are married people happier than single people?

Are people happier doing work when you DON’T pay them?

How to make yourself luckier

What can we learn about happiness from the ancient Romans?

Are Facebook users happier single or in relationships?

Will you be able to cope when tragedy strikes?

Does living in a fast paced country make you happier?

Should a man be happier than his wife?

Does Social Exclusion Literally Feel Cold?

Is there a way to easily counteract loneliness — by yourself?

How to make good experiences even more pleasurable (and bad ones even worse)

If you want to be happy do you need to be social and engage in lots of small talk?

What does it mean if you make very accurate predictions of outcomes?

Can thinking quickly make you happy?

How does what you have and what you want affect happiness?

How to quickly and easily reduce heartache

Do happy people love their jobs or do good jobs make people happy?

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