Does makeup really make a woman more attractive to men?


Sure does.

Via Psyblog:
  • No makeup condition: The first man ‘made contact’ with the two women after an average of 23 minutes, and thereafter they were hit on 1.5 times per hour.
  • With makeup condition: The first man tried it on after only 17 minutes and the average number of chancers per hour was 2.

So makeup does pull the guys in. But how does it work? It seems to make a woman more attractive but studies have shown other effects as well:

…cosmetics can send signals about status: one study published in the International Journal of Cosmetics Science has found that people judge women wearing cosmetics as higher earners with more prestigious jobs…

So what kind of makeup really does the trick?

Researchers have even looked at which components of makeup are most attractive to men. A recent study has found that eye makeup has the most powerful effect on female perceived attractivity, followed by foundation; lipstick, surprisingly, was found to have little independent effect…



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