Things you didn’t know about sports:


Do pro athletes break the law more than the average person?

How often do pro athletes go bankrupt?

Why do pitchers hit batters in baseball?

How long does it take athletes to make $100K?

Does betting on sports ruin the fun?

Could a morbidly obese goalie shut out an NHL team?

The science of “fair weather” sports fans

Should LeBron James accept a salary of $1 a year?

Could proper use of statistics improve decison making in football?

What’s the best way to predict the outcome of a sporting event?

How accurate and effective is the NFL draft?

Are better looking athletes more likely to win?

Is there a connection between sports and domestic violence?

What’s the best way to motivate team owners?

Are fans of the winning or losing team more violent?

Do negative emotions improve enjoyment while watching sports?

Are golfers more focused on winning or not-losing?

Are NBA longshots harder to make than under-the-hoop jump shots?

When is the best month of the year to buy NFL tickets?

How much football is in a football game?

Is sport a religion?

How would Babe Ruth fare in baseball today?

Are taller soccer players more likely to accused of fouls?

How fast can humans run if taken to the biological limit?

Technology, umpires and the human element in baseball

Does when you were born affect your ability to be a great athlete?

Why UFC fighters shouldn’t take antidepressants.

What are the odds of a high school football player eventually going on to win the Super Bowl?

How smart are football players?

Does racism affect teamwork in the NBA?

What would happen if economists were NFL and MLB coaches?

Is there no such thing as a break in a curveball? (Animation):

Wanna run a marathon? Maybe you already did and don’t remember

Do bookmakers possess superior skills to bettors in predicting outcomes?

Why wives need to stay out of the house on SuperBowl Sunday

How science can improve your “March Madness” bracket and win you some money

Another March Madness bracket tip

Are baseball umpires racist?

Does the system described in “Moneyball” still give teams an edge today?

Does the NFL Combine Actually Predict Performance in the National Football League?

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